AELers attend JASM 2022

May 23, 2022

AELers attend JASM 2022

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The AEL represented us well as the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (JASM) May 14-20 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. See below for a list of presentations by our amazing faculty and students:

Jim Hood - Talk: Winter ice cover combines with other seasonal phenomenon to influence Lake Erie zooplankton dynamics; Session organizer: Spatial and temporal scales of stressor effects on ecosystems

Stu Ludsin - Session co-organizer: Exploring past, present, and future of Lake Erie: physicochemical and food web change and their application to ecosystem-based management; Talks: (1) An integrated approach to understand harmful algal bloom and hypoxia impacts on Lake Erie's food webs; (2) When nutrient abatement meets climate change: Projected impacts on Lake Erie and its watershed

Alex Cabanelas Bermudez - Seasonal hypoxia influences yellow perch spatiotemporal distributions

Lyndsie Collis - Meso- and microplankton grazing during harmful algal blooms in western Lake Erie

Rich Budnik - Cyanobacteria bloom effects on fish diet and habitat use in western Lake Erie

Devan Mathie - Phosphorus cycling during high flow events in the Maumee River watershed: A Lagrangian analysis

Hannah Moore - Watershed factors and age determine reservoir habitat and impairment for sport fish

Jenna Bailey - Changes in zooplankton phenology in western Lake Erie (poster)

Dan Peters - Zooplankton grazing on picoplankton and nanoplankton during harmful algal blooms (poster)