Devan Mathie

Devan Mathie

Devan Mathie

PhD Candidate

230 Research Center
1314 Kinnear Rd
Columbus OH, 43212-1156

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Areas of Expertise

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Stream Nutrient Dynamics
  • Human Impacts


  • B.S. Environmental and Conservation Biology - Kent State University

Project Title: Spatial Patterns of Instream Phosphorus Sources and Sinks in the Maumee Watershed

Project Description: Cyanobacteria blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie are known to be fueled by phosphorus additions in the Maumee River watershed. It is also becoming clearer just how much phosphorus is being added to the western basin and the contributions from point (i.e. sewage effluent) and nonpoint sources (i.e. agricultural runoff). However, the role of instream processes in storing and/or releasing phosphorus throughout the watershed before it reaches the western basin is largely still a mystery. I am interested in the role of these streams in mitigating or amplifying phosphorus loads to the western basin and the broader implications for policy and management decisions related to decreasing algal blooms and their impacts in Lake Erie.

Advisor: Dr. James Hood

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