About the Aquatic Ecology Lab


What is the AEL?

The AEL is a dynamic research group that seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of aquatic ecosystems. We pursue an expansive, management-driven approach to questions involving Lake Erie and inland Ohio reservoirs. AEL researchers have also tackled questions in other ecosystems throughout the world, including multiple stressor effects on Lake Tanganyika cichlids and Atlantic coast salmonids, hypoxia impacts on coastal marine fishes, and the relationship between terrestrial land use and freshwater biodiversity.

The core principles of the AEL are Research, Collaboration, and Outreach. Always feel free to reach out to faculty, staff, and students for information on recent publications and projects.




Outreach is one of the AEL's core principles because we believe it paves the way for stewardship. We don't believe science can be complete without effectively sharing findings, so we work hard at sharing ours.

Areas of Outreach