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The Aquatic Ecology Lab is housed in the Research Center building located at 1314 Kinnear Road.

Directions to the AEL

The AEL is located in the Research Center building on OSU's west campus. The lab is on the north side of Kinnear Road, about one mile west of SR-315. After turning into the Research Center building parking lot, on the left of the drive there are signs for Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab. The main Ohio Sea Grant entrance has a large, arched, metallic awning, and the entrance to the Aquatic Ecology Lab is just north of that awning, with its own separate stairs. Enter the building using this door, immediately pass through a second door, and the AEL offices are immediately to the right. Call 614-292-1613 if you need any guidance.

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As with all on-campus parking lots, you must pay to park in the AEL parking lot. Visitors can park in the few spaces closest to Kinnear by paying for hourly parking using the ParkMobile App. Visit for more information on parking on campus or for longer term parking options.

Directions from Kinnear with parking noted
Visitors must pay for parking on campus,