Zoe, Andrew, and David present at the 2018 Walleye Task Group

March 8, 2018
Walleye jumping

Zoe Almeida, Andrew Bade, and David Dippold presented their research at the 2018 Walleye Task Group held at the Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve in Huron, Ohio. The task group consists of fisheries scientists from state, provincial, federal, and university agencies conducting research on Lake Erie and has the goal of improving and maintaining walleye populations and walleye research in Lake Erie and connected waters. The titles of their presentations are as follows:

Zoe Almeida: Lake Erie walleye growth rates in relation to past and current environments

Andrew Bade: The phenology of Lake Erie walleye

David Dippold: Forecasting the effects of climate change and agricultural conservation practices on Lake Erie walleye recruitment