Students attended 2017 American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

September 2, 2017
Graduate students, Cory Becher and David Dippold, attended two continuing education workshops at the 147th Annual AFS Meeting in Tampa, Florida. We attended the “Bayesian I and II: Intro to Bayesian Inference Using Gibbs Sampling (BUGS) for Fish Biologists” continuing education workshops.
Cory Becher, Becca Dillon, and David Dippold each gave a talk at the 2017 Annual AFS Meeting in Tampa, Florida this past week. Talk titles are as follows:
Becca Dillon - "Quantifying Potential Bias of Planktonic Invertebrates in Acoustic Surveys of Prey-Fish Density"
Cory Becher -  "Delineating Hatchery-Reared Vs. Wild-Produced Channel Catfish in Reservoirs: An Otolith Microchemical Approach"
David Dippold - "Forecasting the Effects of Climate and Land-use Change on Fish Recruitment in Lake Erie"