Dave Glover awarded North Central Regional Aquaculture Center grant

March 14, 2014

Dr. Dave Glover received funding from the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center to assist with identifying different strains of largemouth bass to decrease the time required to reach a market size of 2 lbs. Dr. Glover is collaborating with Dr. Hanping Wang, also from The Ohio State University, as well as Dr. Brian Small and Paul Hitchens from Southern Illinois University. The team will be collecting growth and genetic information from largemouth bass across numerous states within and bordering the North Central Region (NCR), from both wild populations and domestic strains. The populations exhibiting the fastest growth will be selected for grow-out studies to be conducted at two or more latitudes within the NCR, where largemouth bass growth can be reared and monitored in common environments. This research, which will benefit fish farmers by increasing the efficiency and profitability of largemouth bass aquaculture production, provides a unique opportunity to examine the influence of genetics and environmental conditions on growth of a widely distributed fish.

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