AEL members attend Great Lakes Conference

June 25, 2018

AEL members attend Great Lakes Conference

International association for Great Lakes Research 2018 conference logo

Amara Huddleston, Manju Manubolu, and Lyndsie Collis attended the International Association of Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) conference last weekend in Toronto, Ontario. The conference covered topics spanning all aspects of the five Great Lakes, including Harmful Algal Blooms, invasive species management, food web ecology, and fisheries management.

Amara and Manju presented talks on their research, and Lyndsie presented at the poster session. Presentation titles included:

Lyndsie Collis: "Responses of Lake Erie phytoplankton to nutrient loading from the Maumee River"
Amara Huddleston: "The influence of winter severity on the coupling between Lake Erie walleye and their prey"
Manju Manubolu: "Are fish harvested in Lake Erie during the harmful algal bloom season safe to eat?"