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Regulation of phenotypic expression and reproductive performance by climate warming and hypoxia: short- and long-term perspectives.

Advisor - Dr. Stuart Ludsin

I am using a large-scale, long-term laboratory experiment employing a full-factorial design to address key questions regarding the ability of aquatic vertebrates to cope with unprecedented environmental change. I will address the effects of human-induced rapid environmental change on adult physiology (metabolic rate) and reproductive life-history as well as offspring quality and performance in the Lake Tanganyika (a member of the East African rift lake) cichlid Julidochromis ornatus.  
My research interests are within fields of evolutionary biology and ecology, with a focus on the effects of sub-lethal (indirect, such as hypoxia and temperature) environmental stressors on energy budgets and energy allocation in aquatic vertebrates (in my case, fish).  Fish serve as excellent model organisms for studies in this arena, as they 1) are ectothermic (their metabolism is directly related to external temperature) 2) inhabit a wide array of ecosystems around the world, nearly all of which are affected to some degree by human-induced rapid environmental change and 3) represent the most diverse group of vertebrates on Earth and are ecologically, culturally and economically-important.  
I am thankful for the commitment of a number of undergraduate research assistants and a technician, as my research would not be possible without their continued dedication of time to the experiment.  
Past Undergraduate Research Assistants
  • Tyler Arnold
  • Matt Manor
  • Adam Ares
  • Allison McLaughlin (completed an Honor’s thesis project within the broader experiment)
  • Tyler Arnold
  • Matt Hodanbosi (completed an Honor’s thesis project within the broader experiment)
  • Michael Wilhelm
  • Roxanne Anderson 
  • Kelsey Schultz
  • Amy Durisek
  • Robert Medberry
  • Zachary Ruff
  • Jim Palus
  • Brad Noskowiak
  • Grace Amponsah
  • Benita Wu
  • Kendra Siefer

Previous Education

B.S. Evolution and Ecology. Cum Laude; Departmental Honors and Departmental Research Distinction, The Ohio State University, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, Columbus, OH 2008-2012.

Thesis entitled: Stock structure in western Lake Erie’s yellow perch fishery: quantifying contributions from the Lake St. Clair – Detroit River corridor. Advisor: Dr. Stuart Ludsin

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  • B.S., The Ohio State University. 2012
  • M.S., The Ohio State University. 2015
  • PhD, University of Maryland. In progress.