Computer Lab

The AEL computer laboratory is designed to be a place where science “gets done”. Workstations are arranged to allow privacy for focused work, while open areas facilitate mentoring and collaboration among students. The computer lab is state-of-the-art. A Local Area Network (LAN) connects 13 workstations, 5 image and sample analysis computers (including a dedicated Image-Pro Plus system), 4 laptops, a domain control \ file server and a backup domain control server, 2 networked laser printers, scanner, and label maker. A wireless projector is available for presentations and lab meetings. Our workstations and laptops run Windows 10 and use the most recent versions of relevant computer applications, such as SAS, Minitab, Jump, SigmaPlot, Fish Bioenergetics, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, EndNote, Adobe, and NIS imaging, and the image and sample analysis applications Image-Pro Plus, SigmaScan Pro, and ArcGIS suite software.

AEL conference table in the work area